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Free 15-day fully functional trial version to filter spam messages from your inbox.
Requires POP3 email account. Compatible with Windows XP, Vista, 2000, 2003, 2008 and Windows 7. Works with POP3/SMTP mail programs including Office Outlook, Outlook Express, Windows Mail, Thunderbird, The Bat! and IncrediMail.

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Caretaker Antispam

The constantly increasing amount of spam messages is a real problem. Every day you have to spend precious time cleaning your inbox manually. And the problem will only get worse in the future, because sending spam is cheap and simple. With just one click on a button, a spammer can reach hundreds of thousands of addresses. And no matter how low the response rate is, there are always people who will respond to an offer.

Caretaker Antispam combines a number of methods to distinguish spam messages from genuine messages. Each message receives a score by looking at certain features, for example the sender, contents, the make-up, etc. Based on this score, Caretaker Antispam decides if a message is to be delivered to your inbox or your spam folder

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Advantages over other antispam filters

Caretaker Antispam works differently from other antispam filters. Most filters need to be "trained" by the user to learn what is spam and what is a genuine message. Spammers know this, and have a number of tricks to mislead the filters. See the section below on tricks for more information.
Caretaker Antispam's filter is trained centrally, not by the user so when spammers find a new spamming method, the filter is updated automatically by the team of SurfRight experts. This mechanism ensures that Caretaker Antispam continuously filters out more than 99% of all spam messages, while the number of false positives (genuine messages that are classified as spam) is virtually zero


Spammers tricks

Most spam filters need to be trained by the user, by marking messages manually as spam over a couple of days. The filter then learns what words and combination of words are regarded as spam, and which are not. Spammers know this, and are always trying to trick filters. Spam messages often include genuine text besides the spam message. This increases the ratio of good text to bad text in a message, which lowers the score of the message so the spam message is identified as genuine. After marking these messages as spam, the filter is then poisoned with genuine text. This will lead to new genuine messages being identified as spam, so-called “false positives”. False positives are even more annoying to the user than a spam message. And when the number of false positives gets too high, the user will regard the filter as useles and turn it off.

Spammers are inventing other techniques to mislead spam filters by using text in images (image spam), text in pdf documents (pdf spam), invisible ink, etc.
The filter settings of Caretaker Antispam are maintained centrally by a team of SurfRight experts, to make sure that the filter will always remain effective


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Reviews and Awards

Computer!Totaal - 15 spam filters tested
"Caretaker Antispam is an exception. After installing it, you do not need to worry about it anymore. You do not need to configure anything. Caretaker Antispam does not require any training. It just works. And that's what a spam filter - in our opinion - needs to do. Get rid of spam completely by itself, without the user having to adapt his settings. Caretaker does what it has to do, and does it well. That's why Caretaker is Our Choice."

"Since you do not have to configure anything, you do not need to look after it either, really useful. In contrast to most antispam software, it does not need to learn anything either, and we did not have any false positives, when we tested it.

"The ease of use is almost unique in a world where applications are getting more and more complex."

Remember 29/07/2007 as the day that freeware was abandoned by this nerd for spam filtering. This is the first payware ever that receives the Superb! Must Have! indication. This intelligent spam filter is something new. It does far better than silly (once brilliant) bayesian filtering and filters in different layers.
"Hey,... and you don’t even need to tune it. No need to set it up. Install it and forget it. It will change your life..." Well... it does.
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