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Solid and reliable defense against spam and phishing mails is an essential part of your network security. Spammers constantly come up with new tricks and know how to defeat or fool filters based on Bayesian and fingerprint technology. That your employees gradually spend more time removing unsolicited and dangerous mails from their inboxes is proof of this.

Caretaker Antispam is an extremely effective and accurate spam filter which immediately isolates unsolicited and dangerous messages not just by analyzing mail content but also concentrates on reputation of senders and receivers. And when spammers send more spam they consequently improve the efficiency of Caretaker Antispam.

Built in The Netherlands, our groundbreaking technology is practically insensitive to all existing and unknown spam tricks.


Again, your filter works sublime. One of our clients wrote: "You are funny. Once you tried it, you can't do without it and you need to buy it".

"Gentlemen, compliments. No spam (1 or 2 tops) and no false positives. Meanwhile we have deployed several trials."


An overview of the specific qualities and advantages of Caretaker Antispam for Microsoft Exchange Server:


Spam filter Spam Hit Rate Ham Strike Rate Price per mailbox Anti-Virus
Caretaker Antispam for Exchange Server 0,992 0,003 € 14,55 Prevx
PE Analysis
Barracuda Spam Firewall 200 (Appliance) 0,956 0,003 € 62,00 ± Amavis

Symantec Mail Essentials 6.0 Premium 0,978 0,012 € 19,36 Symantec

Sunbelt Ninja Email Security 2.1.4503 0,934 0,013 € 20,31 Authentium

Microsoft Office Outlook 2007 0,913 0,035 - -

GFI MailEssentials 12 0,784 0,246 € 14,90 Norman

The spam hit rate is the fraction of correctly identified spam (higher is better); the ham strike rate is the fraction of misclassificed legitimate mail (lower is better). All tests were conducted using default settings and with the same (historic) messages. In realtime tests other filters score worse.
Displayed prices are without VAT and based on a 1 year license for 25 users.


An overview of the smart technologies in Caretaker Antispam:


Caretaker Antispam for Exchange Server supports the following versions of Microsoft Exchange:

Caretaker Antispam for Exchange Server 2007 and Small Business Server 2008 is 100% 64-bit (x64).


Caretaker Antispam for Microsoft Exchange Server is available now. Support for Exchange Server 2007 and Small Business 2008 is available as of July 1, 2008

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