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Wouldn't you want to know if your virus protection software missed anything? Because each time a new virus or other malware is discovered that is not consistent with previously known threats, a new signature must be created. Depending on the antivirus vendor, this can take hours, days, or sometimes even weeks.

HitmanPro delivers confidence in a world where deemed safe computers are regularly attacked and compromised. It is designed to discover viruses, trojans, rootkits, spyware and other malware on up-to-date and fully protected computers – the early-life and next-generation malware for which your antivirus software has no immediate detection signature.

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Supported on 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP

CSI forensics

HitmanPro is a 'crime scene investigator' and forensics lab in one. Instead of relying on virus signatures, it gathers actionable intelligence and examines the collected information to ultimately tell you which files act and look like malware. HitmanPro does not require prior knowledge of a threat to detect it, so no need to wait for your antivirus vendor to provide a detection signature.
Your own crime scene investigator

Unethical behaviors

HitmanPro has been taught to look for unethical behaviors instead of just typical static malware attributes; because it is a lot harder for malware-authors to radically change the manipulative behavior of their malware than to change its static properties. By combining forensic, behavior and collective intelligence, HitmanPro is the single most effective solution to combat new and resilient malware.

Collective intelligence

To help identify distinct malware families, HitmanPro leverages its "security from the Cloud" infrastructure which also contains malware databases from other virus labs, like Bitdefender and Kaspersky Lab.
Where needed, HitmanPro will also query its Cloud database for hardware-specific recipes on how to decloak malware that is manipulating kernel, memory, and other system elements.

Defeating bootkits and rootkits

No setup needed

HitmanPro is a signature-less on-demand malware scanner of just 10 MB and does not need to be installed. It can be started directly from an USB Flash Drive, CD/DVD, or network attached storage. This is particularly useful in case of a ransomware infection or in situations where malware is manipulating the installed antivirus software and its updates.

Trust-based acceleration

A typical malware scan with HitmanPro takes less than 5 minutes. This is shorter than regular antivirus software because HitmanPro can distinguish good applications from malicious software. It also verifies the contents of system files with its database of trusted applications. This whitelist also prevents false alarms. And if you are uncertain about a malware classification, you can query VirusTotal for a third opinion.

Comprehensive remediation

Today's resilient malware piggybacks on critical system files or boot records to manipulate Windows and antivirus software, even before the operating system boots. HitmanPro can remove persistent threats from within the running operating system and replaces infected Windows resources with safe original versions. Reinfection attempts are proactively blocked until threat remediation has finished.

Your own crime scene investigator

Maybe you didn't know this, but malware writers also use antivirus software themselves. They do this to see when their malware is picked off by security software, and to make sure that their new updated malware is not caught before it has performed its intended tasks.

To be able to foil antivirus software, most malware writers employ code obfuscation, like code packers and polymorphic engines. These methods result in completely different binary content while its malicious functionality is fully preserved.
This is the reason why the real-world is currently like the Wild West: every day hundreds of thousands of computers are infected despite up-to-date antivirus software. And the problem is: how do you know if your computer is infected when your antivirus program doesn't know it yet?

HitmanPro is different. It identifies malware with its forensics-based scan, an intelligent malware detection system based on association mining. It identifies and correlates many behaviors and traits, and assigns each program and running binary a threat severity score.

HitmanPro gathers actionable intelligence by probing programs and binaries for structure anomalies, impersonation, tampering, visibility, activity, boot survivability, uninstall ability, reputation, its origin and relation to other memory, file and registry objects and their characteristics and reputations. HitmanPro reveals and removes programs that act and look like malware, and especially those that piggyback on critical system files or boot records to subvert Windows and antivirus software.

Defeating rootkits and bootkits

The toughest types of malware are rootkits. Rootkits embed themselves deep in the operating system where they hide from antivirus software. The longer a rootkit stays alive on a computer, the more profit the malware authors make because the computer is under their control.

Highly advanced rootkits, like TDL4 and Mebroot, work on both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows and infect the Master Boot Record (MBR). These so-called bootkits start before Windows boots up, which gives the bootkit and obvious advantage. Any protection mechanism imposed by Windows (or antivirus program that is loaded by Windows) can be defeated - the program that is started first has control over the others.

Our proprietary Cloud Assisted Miniport Hook Bypass technology collects hard disk miniport driver information from clean computers an stores a representation of this information (a fingerprint of a few bytes) in the Cloud. When HitmanPro detects a hook on the hard disk driver, it consults the Cloud on how to work around it. This allows HitmanPro to bypass the rookit's hooks and examine the actual infected sectors. This works for ANY hard disk driver and not just the common ones.


Free License

HitmanPro offers home users a free one-time license, valid for thirty days, to remove the malicious software that was found on the computer. This one-time free license can be deployed from the License tab under Settings:

You do not receive a Product Key to activate the free license. Simply click on 'Activate free license' to automatically activate your free license.

If Activate free license is not available, please check the following causes:

The one-time free license has already been used and is expired
Please purchase a commercial license in our Shop to remove the malicious software from your computer.

The computer is member of a business network (domain)
As stated in the End User License Agreement (EULA) of HitmanPro, the one-time free license may only be used for personal, non-commercial purposes (home users). To support the license terms we have added technology to detect whether or not the computer is a member of a business network (domain). This means that when the computer is part of a domain, the one-time free license is not available.
If your computer is a domain member (part of a business network), please visit our Shop and purchase an 'Enterprise License' or 'Incident License' pack.

Lost Product Key

Our online Shop is operated by cleverbridge AG and automatically sends the Product Key for your product in an email message. If you paid through iDEAL, with Credit Card or through PayPal you normally receive your product key within 15 minutes. If you selected Wire transfer, you first receive an email message containing payment instructions. After you transferred the money it could take 3 days before banks have processed your transaction and before you receive your Product Key.

If you lost your Product Key, e.g. when you re-installed your computer, open the following web page and enter the email address that you used for your purchase: Look up all purchases

We advise you to make a backup of your product key, by printing it on paper. And if you need to download or re-install the software, you can always download an up to date version from our web site: Downloads

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