Hitman Pro 3 - Second Opinion Malware Scanner

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Unlimited free scanning and free 30-day version to remove detected malware
Runs on Windows XP/Vista/2000/2003/2008 and Windows 7

Malware Removal | White Listing

Malware Removal

When the file is classified as malicious by the Scan Cloud, the Hitman Pro client is placing the infection into quarantine. Various techniques ensure that all infections are completely removed without false positives.

  • Close handles (e.g. unload DLL from winlogon)
  • Close processes (e.g. winlogon stays)
  • Remove object from disk
  • Schedule object removal using PendingFileRenameOperations
  • Remove references like shortcuts and registry entries
  • Restore standard registry keys to default values (e.g. Userinit)
  • Disable service drivers
  • Deploy native NT bootdelete to remove resilient disk objects
  • After reboot retry removal and rescan to ensure complete removal

White Listing

It is a huge problem when anti virus programs remove legitmate files from the computer (false positives). Especially in the case of Windows system files, it could lead to parts of the computer to malfunction. Most anti virus vendors have experience with such a horror scenario. To prevent this, Hitman Pro 3 contains a large white list with "Hashes" of these legitimate files. Hitman Pro 3 has a white list of standard installations of Windows 2000 to Windows 7, Office 2000 to 2007 and all updates and services packs.

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