HitmanPro for Network Devices

HitmanPro.UTM is a revolution in the field of online security. It has shifted security from individual devices to the center of the network: the router. Every device in the home (Windows PCs, Macs, tablets, smartphones, game consoles and smart TVs) is protected against viruses, phishing and other forms of cybercrime without the user having to install or update software.

Introducing Real-time Embedded Protection

HitmanPro.UTM delivers comprehensive in-line threat prevention by blocking malware and other forms of malicious and fraudulent web content at the gateway. HitmanPro.UTM harnesses its cloud computing approach into a purpose-built solution, fortifying any network with a layered defense strategy. It supports virtually any number of antimalware engines while offering unsurpassed performance and the lowest hardware requirements, resulting in a highly efficient and cost-effective solution. It protects every network from viruses, malware and other forms of malicious content – even extending protection to devices and users who are not running antivirus software.


Defense-in-Depth using the Cloud

The cloud is formed by two components: optimized Linux software on the router and powerful servers with multiple renowned virus scanners. The router creates a fingerprint of the first packets and consults the cloud, which instructs the router to block or allow the traffic. This patented approach, called IntRapid, offers real-time protection against viruses and takes away memory and processing intensive tasks from local devices. It also eliminates user interaction, the need for local definition updating and latency issues associated with stream-based solutions in common high-end security appliances.

IntRapid Scanning Advantage

Stream-based Scanning
IntRapid-based Scanning

Malware Blocking and URL Filtering through World Class Research and Partnerships

The SurfRight research facility is dedicated to the discovery and analysis of threats and their respective network behavior. Through internal research and partnerships with security vendors, customers are assured that SurfRight is providing them with the best network threat protection. Signatures for new malware variants are generated using our uniform signature format and made available immediately to customers thanks to our cloud technology – no need for scheduled, daily or emergency updates.

Application Features

  • No effect on web browsing experience
  • Anti-Virus and Anti-Malware
  • Anti-Phishing
  • Protection against unsafe websites
  • Exploit Prevention
  • Blocking of web advertisements
  • Do Not Track Privacy
  • Network Map
  • Parental Control / Content Filtering
  • Cloud-based product activation and feature authorization
  • Cloud-based Single Sign On end-user configuration
  • Suitable for integration on home routers and enterprise-class appliances

Technical Features

  • High-performance
  • Cross-platform (Embedded Linux, Windows, etc.)
  • Small footprint (200 kB)
  • Low memory usage (2 MB)
  • Supports little and big-endian architectures
  • Intrinsically supports HTTP Pipelining
  • Single threaded on single core CPU, event driven using epoll or completion ports
  • Integrated monotonic high resolution timers
  • AES encrypted cloud communication

Existing Clients using HitmanPro.UTM

Sitecom Cloud Security is our HitmanPro.UTM technology integrated in the new Sitecom X-series 2.0 and 3.0 gigabit (modem) routers, to protect home networks against cybercrime:

  • Safe web browsing experience
  • Built-in security inside the router
  • Centralized protection layer against phishing/ID theft, fraud, unwanted advertisements and additional protection against viruses and other malware
  • Protect your computer (desktop PC and notebook) and all other devices connected to your network such as your iPad/iPod, Smartphone, Game Console, Media Player, Connected TV and Blu-Ray player
  • Activate in just one click your free 6 months subscription. The free subscription will not automatically be extended
  • Can be disabled after activation at any time
  • No need to install updates
  • Sitecom Cloud Security works as additional security, but it does not replace the antivirus software on your computer

Sitecom (www.sitecom.com) is one of the leading and fastest growing computer network brands for home and small business users. The Sitecom brand has a clear mission statement: "Make it easy". Sitecom makes it easy to set up a home network and to expand it, since it converts technical products into user-friendly solutions which can be used immediately without any problems. Simplicity is what it is all about!

The mission statement "Make it easy" is put into practice throughout the organization and is expressed in both the solutions and the services which Sitecom offers. All of Sitecom's products, therefore, have a 10-year warranty. Making the latest technology simple, understandable and accessible is what Sitecom stands for and we make no concessions to that.

Sitecom Cloud Security

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