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Hitman Pro available for enterprise environments

Version 3.5.5 includes features to allow usage by corporate IT staff

Hengelo - April 26, 2010 - SurfRight, a developer of tools that give users more control over their PC security, today announced the release of version 3.5.5 that offers more support for usage in corporate environments.

Mark Loman, founder and CEO of SurfRight said, "We have received many requests from enterprise customers for additional functionality. Hitman Pro 3 was initially developed as a single user product, but by adding features for use in corporate environments, the corporate IT staff can now also use Hitman Pro as a second opinion scanner in case of incidents."

Hitman Pro 3.5.5 also includes "Force Breach", which allows users on infected machines to start Hitman Pro, even when the malware infection is preventing any program to start. Mark Loman: "Some malware programs block every application that the user wants to start to ensure that the malware will not be removed. By starting Hitman Pro 3 in Force Breach mode, all non-essential processes are closed before Hitman Pro 3 is started, so Hitman Pro 3 can remove the malware infection from the machine."

Hitman Pro 3 can scan a computer in just a few minutes from either a USB Flash Drive, CD/DVD, local or network attached hard drive and will quickly reveal the presence of any malware using its Behavioural Scan. The actual verification of these potential malware files is then done on the Hitman Pro servers, the "Scan Cloud", which incorporates a hosted multi-vendor scanning service. Hitman Pro 3 uses multiple different antivirus programmes to analyse the suspicious files.

Hitman Pro’s Scan Cloud feature will work alongside any existing antivirus, anti spyware or security suite and can be run whenever required to give a second opinion on suspect files or be called upon to remove threats missed by a user’s existing software.

For further information on Hitman Pro 3 and to download a free version, please visit www.hitmanpro.com.

About SurfRight

SurfRight B.V. was founded in 2008, based on the freeware project Hitman Pro 1 and 2 with a user base of more than 3 million users. SurfRight is dedicated to the development of smart, efficient and user-friendly security solutions for the average computer user. Hitman Pro 3 and the Caretaker product family include solutions against unsolicited mail (spam), online fraud (phishing), viruses, malware, and content filtering.


Press Releases

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