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Hitman Pro offers protection against LNK vulnerability

Hengelo, July 30, 2010. Hitman Pro offers her users to immediately protect their computers against the high risk LNK security vulnerability.

At this very moment, cyber criminals are actively exploiting the vulnerability on the internet. The software problem is easily exploited when you browse to a folder containing a malicious shortcut. This way the vulnerability can be used to distribute a virus on ex. a CD-ROM or USB flash disk that you opened with Windows Explorer.

The protection offered by Hitman Pro prevents the automatic execution of malicious code in specially crafted shortcuts abusing the vulnerability. Contrary to the temporary Fix-it solution offered by Microsoft, the LNK protection in Hitman Pro has no effect on the representation of icons on shortcuts and also works on Windows 2000. Furthermore, the LNK protection also protects local disks and so called pif-files, contrary to temporary solutions offered by other security vendors.

Hitman Pro automatically disables its LNK vulnerability protection when Microsoft publishes a definitive solution to solve this security issue.

More information can be found on our support page.

About SurfRight

SurfRight B.V. was founded in 2008, based on the freeware project Hitman Pro 1 and 2 with a user base of more than 3 million users. SurfRight is dedicated to the development of smart, efficient and user-friendly security solutions for the average computer user. Hitman Pro 3 and the Caretaker product family include solutions against unsolicited mail (spam), online fraud (phishing), viruses, malware, and content filtering.


Press Releases

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