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Free License

HitmanPro offers home users a free one-time license, valid for thirty days, to remove the malicious software that was found on the computer. This one-time free license can be deployed from the License tab under Settings:

You do not receive a product key to activate the free license. Simply click on Activate free license to automatically activate the free license.

If Activate free license is not available, please check the following causes:

Activate Product Key

  1. If you haven't installed HitmanPro on your computer yet: Download HitmanPro and choose Run to start the program.

  2. In HitmanPro, click on Settings and select the License tab:

  3. Copy the Product Key from the license email and paste it in the corresponding field in HitmanPro.
    Instead of copying and pasting, you can also enter your Product Key manually. Note: You must also enter the dashes.

  4. Click on the Activate button.
    If error code 20 appears, try again. If It still doesn't after 3 times, follow the instructions on this page.

Automatic Update Fails

Because HitmanPro uses advanced behavioral analysis and cloud technology, the virus definitions to verify threats are always up-to-date; there are no local virus definitions.
If there is a new version of the HitmanPro program available (with e.g. new features), all users will updated automatically.
If the automatic update fails, remove HitmanPro from your computer and download the latest version from our website: Downloads.

Scan multiple computers on a business network

HitmanPro offers many command-line options that you can use to automate the program. Example:

"C:\Program Files\HitmanPro\HitmanPro36.exe" /clean /quiet

For a complete list of command-line switches and a guide on how to scan multiple computers on a business network, please follow the instructions mentioned in the Command-line Reference for Network Managers available on our Downloads page. It offers some examples on how you can easily integrate HitmanPro into your network.

Visit our Shop to purchase 'Enterprise' of 'Incident' licenses for your company.
Please contact us for free assistance if you have a virus outbreak and want to integrate HitmanPro into your network.

Custom scan schedule using the Windows Task Scheduler

First, disable the built-in scheduled scan in HitmanPro:

Now follow these steps to create your own schedule (Windows XP example):

Done. Hitman Pro will now automatically scan the computer at the configured date(s) and time.

Published: January 1, 2006. Updated: July 29, 2016.

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