Product Key and Activation Issues

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Not received Product Key

Our online shop is operated by cleverbridge AG and automatically sends the product key for your product in an email message. If you paid through iDEAL, with Credit Card or through PayPal you normally receive your product key within 15 minutes. If you selected Wire transfer, you first receive an email message containing payment instructions. After you transferred the money it could take 3 days before banks have processed your transaction and before you receive your product key.

It is possible that email messages accidently end up in your Junk Mail (spam) folder due to a strict spam policy. Please check your spam folder before contacting us.

Lost Product Key

If you lost your product key, e.g. when you reinstalled your computer, open the following webpage and enter the email address that you used for your purchase: Purchase lookup

Alternatively, you can contact us by sending an email message to: support@surfright.com
Please mention as much details as possible about your purchased, like:

We will resend you your product key as soon as possible.
We advise you to make a backup of your product key, by printing it on paper. And if you need to download or re-install the software, you can always download an up to date version from our website: Downloads

Product Key Expired Prematurely

Please check the clock of your computer and reset it to the current date and time.

Activation error 8

This error appears when the license is invalid. But often this error is caused by other security software on your computer. Therefore, please try the solutions mentioned for error 20.

Activation error 20

During the activation process error code 20 appears:

The activation program was unable to contact our product activation service on the internet. Below a list with most common causes and their solutions:

  1. Sometimes it just doesn't work the first time. This might be caused because firewall sofware om your computer is a little slow in automatically configuring internet access for the activation program. Wait 10 seconds and just try again. If it still doesn't work after the third attempt, please try the solutions below.

  2. The Firewall from the Internet Security software on your computer is blocking internet access. This software is for many people too difficult to setup, so please try to disable this software and retry product activation. Do not forget to re-enable the security software after activating the product key.

  3. Your computer has no internet connection and is working offline.

    • Please connect the computer to the internet. You might want to use a cabled connection for this.

    • Disable Work offline in Internet Explorer. In menu File in Internet Explorer, remove the check mark in front of Work offline. If you do not have a menu bar in Internet Explorer, please enable it first.

    • If you are activating HitmanPro, try setting the proxy server settings in HitmanPro to No proxy. You will find this setting on the Proxy tab in Settings in HitmanPro:

    • If your computer is on a company network and requires proxy settings, contact your network manager for the correct proxy sever settings.

  4. Restart the computer in Safe Mode with Networking. More information on how to accomplish this on this web page: Start your computer in safe mode
    Try to activate you product key in Safe Mode with Networking

  5. When you still can't activate your product key after trying the aboven mentioned solutions, please contact us on: support@surfright.com

Activate error code 30

The maximum amount of allowed activations has been reached. You are trying to activate your product key on more computers then you purchased a license for. Please contact our support department and mention your Cleverbridge Reference Number or Product Key you wish to activate: support@surfright.com

Published: August 2, 2010. Updated: May 25, 2012.

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